Brief Report on Vati Barera CP Daycare Center

Vati barera CP daycare members with PCC staff

Vati barera CP daycare members with PCC staff

PCC conducted two CP Daycare centers in Mymensingh and Muktagacha Municipality area. In the mean time we found many CP children’s mothers come from the nearest village Vati Barera Akua Union, which is 10 km far from Mymensingh Municipality. Most of the people are illiterate and their main professions are farming, vanpuller, day-laborer etc. Family members thought that disablement is a curse of God or it is because of a sin of the parents. They had a wrong idea about therapy, they thought therapy would mean operation. They requested us to improve the physical condition of their Children With Disabilities (CWD) by doing operations.

They believed that CWDs physical condition would never change. Most of the parents would not take CWDs to the doctors for their checkup. Community people did not like to invite CWDs families in any social ceremony. Able children did not play with CWDs because of their family restriction.

At the beginning people were not allowing us to enter their houses for child assessment. UP Chairmen had a negative attitude about the NGOs’ activities. For changing the social situation PCC organized different awareness activities with UP Chairmen, School and College students and religious leaders. We demonstrated/presented our activities and presented the needs of PWDs in the community. We shared about our daycare activities like: therapy, Activities of Daily Life (ADL), care giver training, epilepsy medicine and some physical improvement games among the community people.

Community awareness meeting with UP chairmen

Community awareness meeting with UP chairmen

In 2016 we formed a CP Daycare Center with 15 children in Vati Barera in Akua Union. CWDs parents bring their children regularly in the CP Daycare and now they believe in daycare activities. We are running our daycare daily activities with them.

Seeing the regular attendance of CWDs family the community people are very happy with the activities. Now they come to visit our center very often.  The UP Chairman also collected

information about PCC. He brought some fruits for our CWDs. He is very happy to see our activities. He is trying to build a room for continuing the daycare program in Vati Barera village.

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