Cooperation between Stichting Afeto en Stichting PhySCI, 5 dec 2021

Project: Pre-primary education for the children with disabilities is a fact.

At 24th november, 2021 a delegation of both NGOs met in order to get acquainted with eachother and to make appointments about cooperation.

Mutual expectations were shared.

At 28th November, 2021 Stichting Afeto  confirmed that they will support the education project for three years, so that sustainability of this project is settled for 3 years.

Appointments made:

Stichting Afeto and Stichting PhySCI demand a respectful and equal treatment of partners and staff in Bangladesh.

Stichting Afeto has as goal: to stimulate the development of children who are poor or live in a vulnerable situation and to give them a better future.

Stichting Afeto will support salaries for two teachers during three years, including cost of the NGO office, according to the budget request ADD has sent and Afeto approved.

Stichting Afeto has an independent relationship with ADD and will transfer their sponsor money directly to ADD.

Stichting PhySCI will give support in communication with ADD and arranging formalities like LOI, budget requests, approvals and report, if needed.

Both organisations put texts at their website about the cooperation.

Stichting phySCI will take responsibility for the support of substantive ( professional) support of the project in cooperation with the colleagues of ADD. The method will be realized in cooperation with the staff of ADD. Stichting Physci shall share information and evaluation with Stichting Afeto.

ADD will report about the running project with fotos, stories of the children, at least once a month.

ADD and Stichting PhySCI will take care of an integral budget and financial report and will share it with Afeto.

These are the appointments made.

In the meantime Stichting PhySCI has been enabled to sponsor one ( perhaps two) teacher (-s). So Stichting Physci can additionally support the project and in this way the cooperation with Stichting Afeto can be consolidated.

Proposal method and steps to take
Goal: stimulate quality of pre-school training for children with a physical disability who visit the CP daycare in Dinajpur.
Resource: give primary education by teachers from regular school.

Method/steps to take (  made by Ahad and Ria in consideration together)

  1. Inventarisation of the number of children who can join the pre-school training. Ahad already has started with assessments. Until now many children are seen, it seems now 60 children will be on the list;
  2. Divide in groups for pre-school training. ( now we think we could make 4 groups of 15 children, we have two classrooms, so every group can join 3 days a week. In every group we would like to join two teachers, one special need teacher, mothers for helping hands if needed, physiotherapy will be given in Physio room );
  3. ADD will look for teachers who can apply. Condition: experienced in teaching and soft, patience and kind treatment of the children.
  4. Teachers will receive training in working with children with a physical or multiple disability. Ria and Ahad will take care of this training. It should teach about: working with children with a disability, functional exercises( for example: learning tasks while standing in standing frame), assistive devices, respectful treatment, patience, repetition of items as children often have slow intake of lessons or stimuli, sensory processing and integration, behaviour and autism.
  5. Teachers will give training to special need teachers about items of teaching;
  6. The class room will be equipped with all materials we have for teaching and learning and if needed materials are supplemented, according to the budget possibilities.
  7. Teachers will make assessments for the level of every individual child. If it is not possible to come together in class room teachers can invite children one by one or go for home visit.
  8. We expect and like to facilitate a useful and sympathetic cooperation between teachers, parents and staff of CP daycare by sharing knowledge of both sides, equality of rang, respect and understanding and appreciation of eachothers skills and possibilities.
  9. We shall have to work at awareness in society for the rights of children with a disability.

We hope for a very successful result for the children.

Anne-Rose van der Zwet en

Anne-RoseI work professionally with children and adults that are severely multiple handicapped. However,  Dutch children and adults are helped by many professionals in many ways to develop themselves to the maximum of their potential, their situation from birth is the same as those of those people in Bangladesh the PhySCI Foundation supports.  I have been in Bangladesh several times as a volunteer to offer professional help to the caretakers in exploring the possibilities for development and play and to stimulate the educational development of the children.



Budget and accounting

The actual yearly budget you find here:

The budget for the current year you find through this link:
20210616begroting Physci 2021

The budget for the current year you find through this link:
20210616Jaarrekening Physci 2020


Kelly Olsthoorn – volunteer

I work professionally with children that are severely multiple handicapped. Their situation from birth is the same as those of the children in Bangladesh the PhySCI Foundation supports. However,  the Dutch children are helped by many professionals in many ways to develop themselves to the maximum of their potential. Ria Schmitz informed me about the problems multiple handicapped children in Bangladesh have. I decided to go to Bangladesh as a volunteer to offer professional help to the mothers and caretakers in improving opportunities for play to stimulate the educational development of the children and facilitate communication with them.

Marian van Kalmthout – member of the board

As a physiotherapist and friend of Ria Schmitz, I appreciate the special help PhySCI gives in Bangladesh and the progress the foundation has made. It makes an important difference in the life of many underprivileged families. As a member of the executive board I developed the PhySCI-logo and –leaflet. I also look for sponsors in my network. Still working as a physiotherapist, I hope to help the foundation professionally in achieving its aim.

Gerard van Dijk – treasurer

For many years I was a volunteer in many sectors of activities for youth. That motivated me to become treasurer of the executive board of PhySCI. I hope that my professional skills in financial control and accountancy will help to further the results of the foundation. To achieve this we need the money from the benefactors and the earnings from activities. My concern is to spend the funds in a way we make the most of them so that more children and their parents have a dignified existence and enjoy their life together.

Trees Hessing – secretary

Inspired by the dedication of the volunteers, but also of the benefactors and the people that help to organize events to promote the work for PhySCI, I am honored to be secretary of the executive board of PhySCI. Since secondary school Ria Schmitz and I are friends. We share hobbies and passions since then. Her work in Bangladesh inspires me to find more volunteers and  benefactors. I am happy to send letters of thanks to the many people that forward the work of PhySCI.

Ria Schmitz – president

I am a physiotherapist and have 20 years’ experience in the field of children with a handicap. Eight years ago I traveled for the first time to Bangladesh as volunteer. Eight weeks I worked with children with physical or multiple handicaps. By helping the children with my skills on physiotherapy and methods of educational support, I found my aim in life. Transferring knowledge about possibilities for development to parents and caregivers was the key to further sustainable improvement in the conditions of life for these children. In 2013, after many visits as a volunteer, I decided to establish the PhySCI Foundation. Besides knowledge for parents and caregivers to help the handicapped children, they also need ample appliances, daycare facilities, materials for play and development. The support and funds of PhySCI helps to create better facilities and more quality in the care for children in need, living in poor circumstances. It warms my heart to be able to help improve the chances for development and happiness of these special children.