The non-profit foundation PhySCI helps disabled children in developing countries in a basic way with physiotherapy, appliances and transfer of knowledge. The aim is to help these children in their development and independence. Working in cooperation with local workers, mothers and volunteers we make a big difference in the life of many children in Bangladesh and Nepal. We try to further the possibilities for the children to attend school. We promote that respect, attention and care is given to these children in the village where they live and prevent that they are forced to crawl the streets to beg for money or food, being neglected and living in social isolation.

The non-profit foundation Physiotherapy Support Children International, abbreviated PhySCI, has its seat in The Hague in The Netherlands. The foundation strives to promote the collective interest, not financial profit.

The foundation assists children with disabilities in developing countries. The foundation also provides the children with appliances to help them to sit up, to improve their health or communication ( by a special adjusted wheelchair) or to walk. The help is mainly given by teaching and training local workers and the parents or caregivers. In addition to this the foundation can develop activities that could improve the results of the work with the children.

The foundation accomplishes her aims by sending Dutch professionals – as a volunteer – for a short period to the projects mostly in Bangladesh. These professionals transfer their knowledge and experience to the local workers and parents or caregivers. They also give direct help in the form of diagnostics, treatment and advice. To promote the help to disabled children the foundation will initiate new projects. For example daycare centers, therapy-groups and therapy-centers. To promote the work of the foundation lectures are given to present recent projects and results.

The foundation is registered in The Netherlands as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) under number 853 250 078.

Bank: NL75 TRIO 0197 741 142 to Physiotherapy Support Children International.

The foundation was established October 4, 2013; registration Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) number 58 947 191.

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