The non-profit foundation PhySCI helps children with physical or multiple disability in Bangladesh, who have no future perspective. We help in a basic way with care, physiotherapy, assistive devices, education and transfer of knowledge. The aim is to help these children in their development and independence. Working in cooperation with local workers, mothers and volunteers we make a big difference in the life of many children in Bangladesh. We try to further the possibilities for the children to attend school. We promote that respect, attention and care is given to these children in the village where they live, and prevent they are neglected and live in social isolation. Parents are directly involved in the care and therapy and find support with each other in their difficult life with a disabled child in Bangladesh.

The non-profit foundation Physiotherapy Support Children International, abbreviated PhySCI, has its seat in The Hague in The Netherlands. The foundation strives to promote the collective interest, not financial profit.

The foundation accomplishes her aims by sending Dutch professionals – as a volunteer – for a short period to the projects mostly in Bangladesh. These professionals transfer their knowledge and experience by teaching and training the local workers and parents or caregivers. They also give direct help in the form of diagnostics, treatment and advice. We gave priority to provide assisted devices, because they are so important for the effect and sustainability of treatment.

To promote the help to disabled children the foundation will initiate new projects. For example daycare centers, therapy-groups and therapy-centers.

The foundation is registered in The Netherlands as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) under number 853 250 078.

Bank: NL75 TRIO 0197 741 142 to Physiotherapy Support Children International.

The foundation was established October 4, 2013; registration Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) number 58 947 191.

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In 2011 Ria Schmitz, physiotherapist, started the first daycare centre in Mymensingh. We started with 16 children, divided in care-group and preschool training-group. All children got individual plan and therapy and devices needed. The success of this first step was a reason to start Stichting PhySCI in 2013.

In the following years we expanded the care in two villages in the region: Muktagacha and Vati Barera. 77 children attend weekly the daycare. Every year we evaluate and if children go to school, other children can start. Our experience through the years is that very young children find us, which is very important for early intervention.

In 2014 we got request to start a project in region Dinajpur. After investigation in the surrounding of the village Phulbari we started a new daycare centre in 2016 and 100 children were our first guests. Until now the project developed successfully. Through the years the daycare gained a good reputation in the wide surroundings. More and more CP-children joined the program.
In 2017 we were able to buy land in Phulbari. In cooperation with Wilde Ganzen and partner we managed to build a beautiful new daycare centre, which is more reachable, accessible and adjusted for children with physical disability. The building is as far as possible self-sufficient.for energy and also completed with playgarden, vegetable garden and small cowfarm.