Annual planning 2015

PhySCI will continue its work to deliver help and therapy to disabled children in developing countries. The help is mainly given by teaching and training local workers and he parents or caregivers. The foundation also provides children with appliances that assist them to sit or walk.

Continuation of the work in Mymensingh, Muktagacha and Jachaltra (Bangladesh)

In 2015 again Dutch professionals will visit the projects in Bangladesh. They will transfer professional knowledge and experience to the local workers and parents or caregivers. And they will give direct help in the form of diagnostics, treatment and advice. On the program are also direct help in the form of diagnostics, treatment and advice. The professional will make an inventory what appliances are needed. PhySCI will provide the children with splits or casts, wheelchairs, appliances to walk, medication if there are no other resources that can supply or finance these appliances.

The CP Daycare Centers in Mymensingh and in Muktagacha will be visited. As are the Daycare Center for mentally disabled children in Jachaltra and five other such Daycare Centers in the Mymensingh area. The Dutch professional will also visit some communities of the organization l’Arche.

New project in Dynajpur (Bangladesh)

PhySCI initiates new projects. A new project was started in the district of Dynajpur. Its aim is to promote house visits. During these visits parents will receive information about the handicap of their child, their rights and possibilities to help their child. The visitor will help the parents to understand that their disabled child needs attention, care and respect; that therapy can be given to improve the situation of the child. Important is that the visitor listens to the parents, shares their worries and helps wherever possible. The visitor will also determine how many children do have a disability of what nature and if therapy can be given. The Dutch professional will evaluate these house visits, give training to the visitors to enhance their job skills and do house visits together with the visitor to give training-on-the-job.

An important job for the Dutch professional when visiting Bangladesh is to find possibilities to connect with local agencies, sponsors or local authorities. PhySCI promotes that their initiatives are accepted and adopted by these parties. The dependency on PhySCI should be minimized when local organizations can take responsibility.

Last but not least: PhySCI will look for sponsors to start another CP Daycare Center in the rural area in this region.

Children’s Home Swarga in Bhaktapur (Nepal)

In 2015 PhySCI will support the Children’s Home in Bhaktapur (Nepal) through the Foundation Suvadra Nepal. For this purpose only funds will be used that are given to PhySCI with this specific aim. PhySCI will support Swarga to realize physiotherapy in the children’s home.

In the spring of 2015 the manager of the children’s home will visit The Netherlands. PhySCI will support the manager of Swarga to raise funds for the home.

 Training and advice

Through the year PhySCI keeps in contact with the local workers of all her projects by e-mail or Skype. There will be help and advice on promotion, evaluation and support of the projects and those that endeavor to help the children that can’t help themselves.


At set times a Newsletter will be published. The PhySCI website will be updated and provided with current information.

Finances, fundraising

The Foundation will be active to the find the financial means that are needed for the work of PhySCI. At present most financial gifts are given by individual persons. The Foundations organizes presentations and lectures to promote her work and encourage more people to involve in the work of the foundation and sponsor its projects.

The Hague, February 21, 2015.