Multi-year plan

PhySCI will continue its work to deliver help and therapy to children with a physical or multiple disability in Bangladesh. The help is mainly given by teaching and training local workers and the parents or caregivers. The foundation also provides children with assisted devices that supports them to sit, stand, walk and in their development, medicines and in case of emergency foodsupport. Our goal is to get the children on their own feet or a step further in their life, initiate they go to school or give better quality of life.

Our activities in Bangladesh

Run daycarecentre for children with a physical and multiple disability.
Locations: Region Mymensingh: Mymensingh, Muktagacha and Vati Barera: 77 children;
                  Region Dinajpur: Phulbari: 150 children.

The work involves:

Give care, development, preschool education and therapy and activities in daycarecentre program or by homevisit.
Give instructions, advices, education for the individual child.
Organize monthly parents-meetings for transfer knowledge support and stimulate awareness for parents about position and rights in society for disabled children.
Provide assisted devices individual and for use in daycare or at home after evaluation, physical assessment and investigation.
Awareness program in society about human rights.
Contact with schools to attend the children in regular education and follow-up.
Training teams for transfer knowledge and skills in positive cooperation by Dutch professionals.
Develop knowledge and skills by sharing together in the teams.


Through the year PhySCI keeps in contact with the local workers of all her projects by e-mail, videocalls and -meetings There will be help and advice on promotion, evaluation and support of the projects and those that endeavour to help the children that can’t help themselves.

At set times a newsletter will be published. The PhySCI-website will be updated and provided with current information.

Finances and fundraising

Stichting PhySCI is active to find the financial means that are needed for the work. We receive financial gifts by individual persons and we apply for support at several foundations and sponsors. We organize presentations and lectures, cook Bengali meals, attend at markets, give workshops and initiate all kind of activities to promote our work and encourage more people to involve in our work and sponsor our projects.

The Hague, august 2021

Undersigned by the Executive Board Stichting PhySCI.