Many great children visit our daycare centre. Their age is between a few months till 16 years.

They all are physical or multiple disabled. Though not one child is the same. All are unique and have individual wishes and possibilities.

All children receive an assessment and investigation at the start by a professional with the company of the staff and mothers. We do this together to learn from the process and from each other as much as possible. Also every year we do an evaluation and make a individual plan with goals and wishes.

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Evaluation Food support 2020

Food support: During the corona Crisis ADD triedto mitigate hunger of children and their families. We provided 110 children and their families 7 month food support.

Tailoring: In corona crisis many parents lost their jobs and it was difficult to survive. ADD took initiatives to train the parents in tailoring so they can create income themselves and contribute to the family income. The number of 45 parents received tailoring training and received a sawing machine. We evaluate that most of the parents function their tailoring in their village and make income.

Livestock: In Corona crisis time ADD tried to involve parents into the income generating activities. We provided cows, goats and chickens to the parents for income generating activities. After one year we evaluate that many cows had a calf and milk however, some cows were sold after fattening. Parents selling milk in the village market and some cows with calf were sold. In these activities parents make income in crisis situation. Unfortunately the number of 7 cows became sick and were sold at a very small amount. Those parents would like to take cows again.
Goat is fattening and sold in village market and make profit.

Parents are very happy of income generating activities.