Ria Schmitz – president

I am a physiotherapist and have 20 years’ experience in the field of children with a handicap. Eight years ago I traveled for the first time to Bangladesh as volunteer. Eight weeks I worked with children with physical or multiple handicaps. By helping the children with my skills on physiotherapy and methods of educational support, I found my aim in life. Transferring knowledge about possibilities for development to parents and caregivers was the key to further sustainable improvement in the conditions of life for these children. In 2013, after many visits as a volunteer, I decided to establish the PhySCI Foundation. Besides knowledge for parents and caregivers to help the handicapped children, they also need ample appliances, daycare facilities, materials for play and development. The support and funds of PhySCI helps to create better facilities and more quality in the care for children in need, living in poor circumstances. It warms my heart to be able to help improve the chances for development and happiness of these special children.

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